EPL Predictions Rules

  • You must be a registered pundit on EPL Predictions to play.
  • You must accept EPL Predictionss terms and conditions when you register to play.
  • The fixtures for the next round of predictions are generally posted on the Monday before the relevant weekend's
  • fixtures. In cases, such as Champions league, where the matches are mid-week, fixtures are posted as soon the previous round is finished (usually on a Thursday).
  • The deadlines for predicting are set by your league manager. We generally aim to keep the predictions open for as long as possible, so most deadlines will be 2 hours before the kickoff of the FIRST match in that round.
  • When logging predictions, you MUST save them. If you save them, you are free to return and change your predictions any time up until the deadline. If you don't return, EPL Predictions automatically confirms them for you, once the dead-line has passed. If there is any doubt that your predictions might not have saved to our server, then it is advised that you log-out, log-in again and check to see if your predictions are visible. UNDER NO circumstances will EPL Predictions be held responsible for missing predictions, and EPL Predictions's decision on any such complaint will be final.
  • Incomplete predictions are not accepted by the system, and you will be prompted to fill in any missing predictions.
  • When predicting results our standard scoring system gives you 3 points for an exact score, while a correct result (home win, away win or draw) gets you 1 point. It's as simple as that!
  • Occasionally, such as in the World Cup, or Champions league, a different scoring system is applied in the knockout stage of the competition. This scoring system is called a knockout scoring system, as opposed to the standard scoring system.
  • EPL Predictions will maintain a record of every pundit's predictions, points scored and position for every league to which that pundit is a member.
  • Any objections from pundits to scoring, or any other matter, will be adjudicated by EPL Predictions. All participants agree that EPL Predictions's decision is final.
  • EPL Predictions is a web-based game and can only be played by logging in to eplpredictions.net


Standard Scoring System

For most league based games (such as English Premiership, Italian Seria A, Spanish La Liga, Danish Superleague, Brazilian Serie A etc) the standard scoring system applies, where by the points awarded are as follows:

Correct result (win, lose or draw) 1 point
Exact score 3 points

Knockout Scoring System

In EPL Predictions leagues that are based on Cup competitions (knockout style), the scoring system applied to the knockout stages will be as follows:

Correct result (win, lose or draw) 1 point
Correct goal difference 3 points
Exact score 5 points

In the semifinals and final itself, there may a bonus 5 points available for correctly pre-dicting the first goalscorer, depending on competition.

Note : When predicting Cup and Knockout games, the final score is the result after 90 minutes and any stoppage time. In the event of matches whereby extra time is scheduled to be played if two clubs are tied at the end of regulation time, EPL Predictions only confirms a match result at the end of regulation time (this includes standard time plus what the referee has added on for stoppages). Match results that have changed due to 'extra' time and in some cases penalties, are NOT valid. Only regulation time is valid for EPL PRedictions results.